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Yellowstone County, Montana
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Prepared Maps for Download and/or Printing
(8.5" x 11" unless otherwise noted)

Road Maps
Yellowstone County Road Map (very large Adobe .pdf file - not printable without a plotter)
City of Billings Road Map (very large Adobe .pdf file - not printable without a plotter)
City of Laurel Road Map (large Adobe .pdf file)


Zip Code Maps
Billings Zip Codes (Adobe .pdf file)
Billings Zip Codes - Detail (Adobe .pdf file)
Yellowstone County Zip Codes (Adobe .pdf file)


Individual Section Maps(Book Maps) categorized by:
- Address - parcels labeled with site address
- Legal boundary lines - Subdivisions with blocks and lots, Certificates of Survey with tracts, etc.
- CAMA - parcels labeled with geocode as identifying number for appraisal data.
- Tax ID - parcels labeled with Tax ID as identifying number for tax data.
- Zoning - parcels color coded by zoning category - where applicable.
- Aerial Photography - 1997 and 1993 images where available.

Election Maps
Senate Districts - Color (Adobe .pdf files)
House Districts - Color (Adobe .pdf files)
Individual House, Senate and Precinct Maps
Billings City Wards - Color | Black and White (Adobe .pdf files)
Laurel City Wards - Color | Black and White (Adobe .pdf files)

Commissioner's Districts (Adobe .pdf)


School Maps
Elementary Districts - Color | Black and White (Adobe .pdf files)
High School Districts - Color (Adobe .pdf files)
Attendance Areas - Use the links at the top of the page for elementary, middle and high schools, then click on the school(s) of your choice to view maps.
School District #2 Trustee Districts


Assessment Maps
Assessor's scanned plat maps - for historical purposes only.

Custom Maps

Please contact Mike Powell or Janet Reynolds to request custom maps and pricing information.