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Yellowstone County, Montana
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Tim Miller , Road & Bridge Director

Monica Plecker, Deputy Public Works Director

Alexis Hellman, Secretary

Ronni Tallerico, Subdivision and Floodplain Coordinator

Roadway Standards - Download the requirements for roadways. (Adobe .pdf file)
100 - Typical Asphalt Section
110 - Standard Gravel Section
120 - Typical Section for Emergency Secondary Access Road
130 - Cul-de-Sac and Turnaround Standards
140 - Approach Standards
Standards and Guidelines for the Placement of Materials in Road Right of Way

Any work done in the road right-of-way must be permitted. This includes private and public accesses, utilities (gas, water, electric, cable TV, phone, etc.), or any other construction work in the road right-of-way.

Any private or public access that connects to a county or dedicated road will need to be permitted. A permit for a residential access is $75.00 and a commercial access is $150.00. A residential access must be no wider than 30 feet and a commercial access must be no wider than 50 feet. A copy of the contractors Excavation Bond to do work in Yellowstone County may be required. The Yellowstone County Public Works Department will review the access for proper sight distance.

Culvert piping (if applicable) must be sized for the appropriate drainage area and must be a minimum of 15 inches in diameter.

Building Permits/Certificate of Occupancy (.pdf file/letter)
Yellowstone County does not issue Building Permits or Certificates of Occupancy for structures outside the city limits of Billings. These structures are not subject to the same restrictions and permits as those located within the city limits.