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Yellowstone County, Montana
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Frequently Asked Questions: Addressing & Road Names Contact Department

How can I find out my correct physical address, or get a new one assigned?

The County GIS Department has developed a mapped database of all roads and addresses in Yellowstone County. You can contact the Address Coordinator to verify your physical address or to get a new address assigned for areas outside Laurel and Billings city limits. (Addresses in Billings and Laurel are assigned by the respective Fire Departments.)


If you have the legal description of your property, an address can often be assigned over the phone. In rural areas, the address is derived from the location where the driveway intersects with the main road. County addressing / road naming guidelines recommend that a road be named (even if it is a private access road) if it provides exclusive access to three or more dwellings or is ¼ mile or longer in length. The GIS Department also facilitates road naming, whether that be by publishing the name on a recorded plat or by petitioning the Board of County Commissioners to pass a resolution recognizing a new road name. There is no charge for the petition process and the Address Coordinator will provide the necessary forms and assistance.


What if my address is "bad," how can it be changed?

Sometimes residents desire to have their address changed because they have encountered problems with being located due to an incorrect address. The Address Coordinator will assist in such circumstances by determining the correct address, then sending notification to Post Offices, the Elections Department, Department of Revenue, utility companies, permitting agencies, and public safety responders. This leaves the residents to notify their bank, their insurance company, update personal correspondence and their drivers license. The Driver's License Bureau will place a sticker on the back of your driver's license with your new address (free), or you may purchase a new laminated driver's license with the new address for a reduced cost.