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*Disclaimer - All forms must be completely filled out and have original

signature(s) in order to insure the removal of all vehicles.

A property owner may request an abandoned vehicle to be towed as long as it meets the requirements of an abandoned vehicle and the property owner has posted a warning on the vehicle stating that if the vehicle is not moved within 5 days of the date of posting the vehicle will be towed. To retrieve any vehicle towed to the Yellowstone County Graveyard you must show proof of ownership either with a  Title or notarized Bill of Sale and pay all fees accrued. If a vehicle is not reclaimed, as provided in 61-12-403 MCA, within 30 days after the certified letter or prescribed publication, the sheriff of the county or city police in which the vehicle is being stored shall be sold at a public auction in the manner provided in 25-13-701 MCA through 25-13-709 MCA.

These forms are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view these files. You may print out the forms, fill them out completely and mail or fax them to the address provided above.

Request to Remove Abandoned Vehicle


Junk Vehicle Release Form


Window Warning