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Interactive Maps - Help File

Provides an interactive way to find information about Yellowstone County. Information about Floodplain, Public Works, Schools, Sheriff, Zoning, Elections, Levy Districts, Emergency and Cemeteries are displayed as layers that can be turned on/off, queried, and identified by using a click of your mouse on the map. Additional ways to interact with the map and help can be found by reading the Help File

New Subdivisions

Displays subdivisions that have been recorded in the last three years. Clicking on the dot on the map will display name of subdivision, number of lots, document number and date plat was recorded. Clicking on the pdf link in the information box will bring up the plat. There is also an option to query for subdivision by name and display zoning and city limits.

Parcel Lookup

A quick way to view parcel information. Zooming into the map will turn on parcel lines, and further in will display road names. Hovering over a parcel will show owner and tax id information. Parcels can be searched by owner name and tax id. Clicking on the parcel will generate a popup which provides a link to view property tax details.

Mapping Products:

Clicking on one of the Mapping Products will provide links to pdfs that can be viewed and printed. The Downloadable Shapefiles hyperlink will provide a link to various shapefiles that can be downloaded.

Road Maps

Zip Codes

Individual Section Maps

Election Maps

School Maps

Assessment Maps

Census Maps

Custom Maps

Mapping Data:

Yellowstone County created shape files that can be used in other software applications made available for public use.

All Downloadable Shape Files - (Fire, Election, School, and other core Yellowstone County layers)