Yellowstone County, Montana
Justice Court
Copy Costs & Record Searches Contact Department

Copy Costs

To request copies of records, you must know the case #.  A letter detailing what you want copies of and prepayment in the amount of $10.00 must accompany your request.  If the charge is less, you will receive a refund of the difference; if it is more, you will receive a bill for the difference:

$1.00/page for the 1st 10 pages per case
.50 cents for each page thereafter (per case)
$3.00 for certified copies (per case)
$25.00 for copy of audio recording (CD only-no transcription available)

Law Enforcement, Legal Services, Government Agencies and Attorneys of record on the case will not be charged for copies of records.


Record Searches

JUSTICE COURT will no longer provide Search Services for Individual or Corporations. Our searches will be limited to Law Enforcement Agencies.

In order to accommodate those private businesses that need search information conducted, we are providing the following list of local contact persons who provide the service.





Montana Criminal History




Cal Lueck



Leslie Stevens



Marilyn Reed



Denise Haeker




Rita Anderson




While the Justice Court clerks are pleased to assist you in any way possible, please understand that we are unable to provide legal advice. If you need legal advice or have questions, please contact an attorney.