Customer Service Billing Questions for Inmate Phones

This number will not work directly through the inmate phone system. You must give this number to the person you are calling. They can then use it to call the Customer Service Billing Department.


Volunteer programs at Yellowstone County Detention Facility are important to the overall management of our facility. These programs benefit the inmate in numerous ways. The programs help keep the inmate busy, giving them goals and expectations to strive for. The programs give the inmate a chance to interact with the outside community and help inmates recognize their potential for growth. From these programs, the inmate can learn useful skills, continue their education, overcome substance abuse problems, seek mental health counseling, receive spiritual guidance, learn parenting skills, work on anger and stress management, and ultimately learn to change anti-social and criminal behavior.

The jail stafff benefits from these programs too. They see reduced inmate idleness. The programs help to make the inmate more productive, thus reducing inmate violence. The community benefits by having the offender leave the jail setting, ready to live and work as a contributing member to society.


We have a staff of 12 assistant chaplains representing a variety of religious denominations. An inmate may request a minister of his/her choice to come into the facility for a one on one visit or they may request to see a facility chaplain.

Bible Study sessions and/or church services are conducted on Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday.
These are conducted by volunteers from area churches and by The Gideons.

AA Meetings are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Volunteers come into the facility from local chapters to work with interested inmates and inmates who are court ordered to attend these classes.

Parenting Classes are available when time & staffing permits. Both female and male inmates have access to these groups. Scheduling of group times is dependent upon the volunteers who facilitate them.

Narcotics Anonymous classes are held on Saturday evenings by volunteers from local chapters.

GED Classes are given throughout the year. Brett Hoyt is the instructor through School District # 2. Mr.. Hoyt can be reached at 247-3710.

For questions concerning the programs offered at YCDF, contact Sgt. Veatch at 256-6995.