Yellowstone County, Montana
County Attorney
County Attorney's Office Contact Department

We are committed to serving the public through the vigorous prosecution of criminal cases in Yellowstone County and assisting victims and witnesses of crime.

The Yellowstone County Attorney's Office provides the victims that we serve with 24 hour access to the status of his / her case. This includes a case history as well as notification of upcoming court events.

For access to this information:

1) Go to this web site: Victim Notification Report
2) Enter the C&O Number provided to you by law enforcement (Top left hand side of the web page)
3) Select view report (Top right hand side of the web page)

Other Contacts

Civil Division - 406-256-2832 ( Represents Yellowstone County in legal matters where the County is a party )

Felony Criminal Division - 406-256-2870 ( Prosecution of all felony criminal matters for Yellowstone County; Youth Court matters )

Misdemeanor Division - 406-256-6942 ( Montana Highway Patrol, Motor Carrier Services, Fish, Wildlife & Parks & Sheriff’s Office Citations ONLY )

Youth in Need of Care Division - 406-256-2714 ( Family matters involving children )

Note: If you are represented by an attorney all communication with our office must be handled directly through your defense attorney.