Yellowstone County, Montana
Justice Court
Representation by an Attorney Contact Department

Parties in justice court have the right to represent themselves or be represented by an attorney. In small claims action there are no attorneys allowed unless all parties are represented by an attorney.


In civil actions an attorney is not provided to a party, but must be hired by the party. In some instances a party can not proceed without an attorney. Consult the justice court rules to see if you need an attorney. Read “Representation in Justice Court” for questions and answers concerning representation in justice court civil actions. Click here for “Representation in Justice Court” (Adobe .pdf file).


In criminal actions a party has the right to an attorney at every stage of the court proceedings. If unable to hire an attorney and qualified under §47-1-111, MCA, a public defender would be appointed to represent the party. Click here for §47-1-111, MCA.

While the Justice Court clerks are pleased to assist you in any way possible, please understand that we are unable to provide legal advice. If you need legal advice or have questions, please contact an attorney.