Yellowstone County, Montana
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Address Search Help

To search for a specific address, you must enter a street name or number. Enter the number of a house, building or addressed lot into the "Property Number" box. For the street, there are several options, but you must enter at least a street name. You may select directionals (N for North, S for South, etc) in the Pre Directional or Post Directional boxes. For the type of street "Suffix" please select on of the listed common abbreviations (Ave, Cir, Dr, Ln, St ect...).

For example, to search for 100 N. 24th St. West, you would enter "100" into the Property Number box, "n" into the Pre Directional box, "24TH" in the Street Name box, "st" into the Street Type box, and "w" into the Post Directional box. Or you could simply enter "100" into the Property Number box, and "24TH" into the Street Name box for similar results.

When searching for a lettered street, enter the complete name into the Street Name box (ie, "Avenue B").