Yellowstone County, Montana
Disaster & Emergency Services
DES Responsibilities During Flooding Contact Department

A. Protect public property - Roads, bridges, water & sewer plants, etc. Barricade roads, clear roads of debris, etc. 

B. Assistance to private persons & property.

1. Provide life saving measures:
           - alert & notification through CodeRed, media, NOAA weather radio and other means.
           - coordinate emergency rescue of persons where necessary (emergency crews will not be asked to
              rescue livestock and pets).
           - coordinate recovery
2. Alert Red Cross for immediate sheltering needs, if necessary. 
3. Provide sandbags for sale, subject to availability.

C. Activate Emergency Operations Center as necessary to coordinate activities. 

D. Declare emergency or disaster, as necessary. Levy 2 emergency mills, if necessary. 

E. Request State to have a Natural Disaster Determination by Secretary of Agriculture (emergency low interest loans, SBA assistance and tax consideration). 

F. Provide damage assessment assistance to state and federal government. 

G. Provide assistance to FEMA in opening Disaster Assistance Center(s) (DAC) to provide assistance to individuals (primarily low interest loans, temporary housing, etc.). 

H. Provide for the recovery activities of public property - restore roads, bridges, etc. 

I. Keep records to assure proper reimbursement from state and federal government.