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Open court is cancelled for Friday November 25, 2022. Please contact the court at 406-256-2998 or JCcrimclerks@yellowstonecountymt.gov to reschedule your court appearance.

Justice Court customer counter will be closed Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00pm-5:00pm starting on September 29, 2022 until further notice. Anyone appearing for their scheduled criminal court appearance will proceed into the courtroom. If you are here to make a payment or to submit a filing, please put into the locked black box by the office door. We appreciate your attention in this matter as we are working diligently to process payments and filings as quickly as possible.

Justice Court has converted to new Court software. There will be delays as the clerks are learning how to navigate the new system. Please keep in mind that the clerks are working diligently to assist litigants and attorneys as quickly as possible, and that repeat emails and phone messages extend delay time. All filings, emails, and phone messages will take a week to complete at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding with the matter.


Civil, Small Claims, and Order of Protection Cases:  JCcivilclerks@yellowstonecountymt.gov

Phone (email preferred): (406) 256-2998

Criminal/Ticket Cases:  JCcrimclerks@yellowstonecountymt.gov

Phone (email preferred): (406) 256-2998

If you have been given a notice to appear for a citation you must schedule your appearance online:

If you have questions for the judge, please save and complete this Motion then email it to:

Civil Case Filing Fee is now $50.00

(will be changed on respective forms/pages soon)

The Justice Court continues to take proactive steps to maintain safety to staff and litigants. The Courtrooms and customer counter are sanitized after each session. Masks are provided upon request.

Pay Tickets & Fees Online
*** You may now file documents by email or fax! See Local Rule #25 for details.

Jurisdiction of Justice Court

The Yellowstone County Justice Court is divided into three divisions:

The criminal division handles traffic, fish and game violations, misdemeanor offenses, alcohol involving juveniles, and preliminary hearings.  

The civil division handles actions involving personal or property damages, contract disputes, recovery of personal property, interpleader, local ordinances, protection orders, forcible entry, unlawful detainer, and landlord/tenant disputes. The amount in controversy, or the value of the property, cannot exceed $12,000.00.

The small claims division handles contracts involving the recovery of money, recovery specific personal property, and interpleader. The amount in controversy, or the value of the property, cannot exceed $7,000.00. Counterclaims cannot exceed $6,500.00.

The justice court does not handle disputes involving false imprisonment, libel, slander, criminal conversation, seduction, malicious prosecution, determination of paternity, and abduction. The justice court does not have jurisdiction which involves the title or possession of real property or the legality of any tax.


Justice Court Scam Alert - Telephone Call
The Yellowstone County Justice Court recently received information of a scam to steal your money and/or personal information.

(1)The Court has received calls from individuals saying that they have been contacted by phone saying that there is a civil judgment against them filed in Justice Court. The suspect states that that if they give him/her payment of the judgment by credit/debit cards they will not proceed with the action. The suspect asks for personal information and requires the person to make the payment over the telephone.

(2) The Court has received calls from individuals saying that they have been contacted by a collection agency saying that they owed money to the Justice Court and if they did not pay the collection agency immediately there would be a warrant issued for them.

If you receive a call consistent with the descriptions above, please do the following:

  • Do not provide personal information over the telephone;
  • Hang up and contact the police to report the incident;
  • Contact the Yellowstone County Justice Court to report the incident.

Justice Court personnel will never contact or email you to request payment over the telephone for any fines, fees or bonds on warrants and the Court does not accept payments over the phone. You would be directed to make payments on-line at citepayusa.com. If you have a concern regarding a matter in the Yellowstone County Justice Court clerks are available to answers questions by telephone, email or in person.


While the Justice Court clerks are pleased to assist you in any way possible, please understand that we are unable to provide legal advice. If you need legal advice or have questions, please contact an attorney.