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There is a statutory search fee of $2 per name per year for the first seven years, and $1 per name for each additional year.  Yellowstone County only charges for searched 1994 and older.



The statutory fee for photocopies is as follows:

Copy of Decree of Dissolution: $10
Copy of Marriage License: $5
General Copies: $1 per page for the first ten pages, $.50 per page for additional pages
Certification: $2 (in addition to above copy fees)
Authentication: $6 (in addition to above copy fees)

Search and copy fees are required in advance.



Case Search/Copy

If you need to request information from a file or copies of filed documents, you may do so by visiting our office between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our office is located in the Yellowstone County courthouse, on the seventh floor, in Rooms 702, 703, and 704. Please be sure to bring cash with you for the copies or a credit card. Sorry we do not accept personal checks.

Some copies and fees are a flat rate and the fee can be easily determined. However, if you are requesting searches and/or copies with per page or year rates, and are unsure of the amount to send, please give us a call. 256-2869 or email us at


Search and copy fees must be pre-paid so once you have determined the fee  please send a certified check or money order, (no personal checks accepted) made out to the Clerk of District Court OR complete and include the Credit Card Authorization form (There is a 2.5% bank fee for credit card.) Along with your payment please include:

  1. The case number and names
  2. What documents you are requesting
  3. A Self- addressed stamped envelope


Mail your payment and request to:
Clerk of District Court
P.O. Box 35030
Billings, MT 59107

Marriage License Search/Copy


If you are in Billings you may come to room 704 of the county court house.
If you are out of town you may request one by letter or by email (when requesting by email, please call to arrange fee payment). 

Please note: If your license is within the last 30 years we will need to see picture ID as they are sealed documents and only the parties can get copies.

To mail in your request:
Clerk of Court
Po Box 35030
Billings, MT 59107

On your mailed request please include:
1. The year the license was issued
2. The names of the groom and the bride (with her maiden name)
3. A self-addressed stamped envelope
4. If you want a copy ($5) or a certified copy ($7)
5. A copy of your photo ID if license is less than 30 years.
6. Payment in the form of a money order or cashier’s check, (NO PERSONAL CHECKS PLEASE) OR complete and include the attached Credit Card Authorization (There is a 2.5% bank fee for credit card.)



While the Clerk of District Court's office is pleased to assist you in any way possible, please understand that we are unable to provide legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.