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Yellowstone County, Montana
Civil Division Contact Department

4/06/2021 - Montana Emergency Renter Assistance Program

Civil Division (406)256-2959

Hours of operation: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, not including holidays.

We are located at 2323 2nd Ave N (West Entrance), Billings MT 59101; and our mailing address is:

Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Civil Division
PO Box 35018
Billings, MT 59107-5018

To submit documents for service:
IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU SUBMIT A COMPLETED, SIGNED, DATED PRAECIPE (or Letter of Instruction) WITH YOUR DOCUMENTS FOR SERVICE (please see the forms link below) that includes as much information as you can provide about the person(s) to be served, i.e.: full name, physical description, date of birth, SSN/FEIN, complete address, all phone numbers, what make/model/year/color of their vehicle, employer's name/ address/ phone number(s), name(s) of any other person(s) who they may associate with and their contact information (such as a family member or friend), any other place(s) the subject may frequent, and any other information you think may be helpful to us in locating the subject. Please list exactly which documents we are to serve - list the title of each document. If you need to include additional pages with your Praecipe please do so. Your signature and a date must be on the Praecipe authorizing our office to proceed with service.

Please refer to our Fee Schedule (please see the forms link below). We do require prepayment of all service fees via cashier's check or money order (contact us regarding credit card payment), payable to "Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office"; or you must submit a signed copy of a valid order waiving service fees that was issued by a Montana court.

(25-3-203, M.C.A.,. Prepayment of cost of service. An officer or registered process server receiving papers for service may not be required to serve papers for service unless the person on whose behalf the service is made or that person's agent or attorney first pays the cost of the service upon a demand by the officer or registered process server.)

To process your request we will need:
1) the original Process Document (certified copy or e-filed copy if the original is on file with the Court)
2) complete sets of the copies or documents for each person you want served
3) the completed, signed, dated Praecipe or Letter of Instruction (and CLEI if a protection order)
4) pre-payment in full for service fees OR a copy of a Montana court order waiving your fees for service
5) pre-addressed, stamped/postage-paid envelope large enough to accommodate ALL of your paperwork so that we may send our return of service information either to you or the presiding court for efficient filing.

Our officers make every effort to complete service; however, acceptance of your documents for service is in no way to be considered a guarantee that service can be completed. Please be advised that once your documents have been received and processed and/or any service attempts have been made, all service fees paid are non-refundable. Please contact us with any questions you may have.




Fee Schedule - Civil Division

Please read carefully - contact our office with questions prior to service.

Praecipe - Letter of Instruction for Service of Process

Must be completed, signed, dated, and submitted with ALL service requests.

Confidential Law Enforcement Service

Complete for ALL Orders of Protection for service.

Eviction - Destruction of Property

3 Day Notice - Destruction of Property

Eviction - Pay Rent

3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

Eviction - Remove Pet

3 Day Notice to Remove Pet or Quit

Eviction - Remove Unauthorized Persons

3 Day Notice to Remove Unauthorized Persons or Quit

Eviction - Unlawful Activity

3 Day Notice - Unlawful Activity

Eviction - Notice to Vacate - Noncompliance

14 Day Notice to Vacate - Noncompliance

Eviction - Notice to Vacate - Termination

30 Day Notice to Vacate - Termination

Eviction - Mobile Home Lot Rentals

Lot Rental Evictions ONLY - must select the applicable section or sections as applicable.

Eviction - Notice to Vacate Multi-Offense

Notice to Vacate - 2nd Offense or more

Request for Assistance - Right to Exclude

Request for Law Enforcement Assistance when Evicted Tenant/Non-Tenant is Criminally Trespassing

Request for Assistance - List

Must meet these criteria and this form must accompany Request for Assistance - Right to Exclude