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Yellowstone County, Montana
Junk Vehicle / Code Enforcement
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The Junk Vehicle Division is responsible for the removal and disposal of junk and abandoned vehicles. A junk vehicle is any vehicle that is discarded, ruined, wrecked, or dismantled and remains inoperative of being driven in its present state. An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle that has been left parked on a public highway for a period longer than 48 hours and on a street for a period longer than 5 days.



Yellowstone County Code Enforcement is a complaint-based response program. Complaints concerning potential violations are received in our office and an officer is assigned to investigate and determine compliance or noncompliance with the zoning code or Community Decay ordinance. Each case is processed in a timely manner as possible. Properties in violation are generally allowed a minimum of 30 days to achieve compliance. To report a complaint, please call 406-652-2050 or email