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The B.O.C.C. regular meeting are televised live on Community 7 TV. (Channel 7 or 507 on Spectrum Cable) Community 7 TV may be accessed and viewed live online at Comm7 TV when meetings are in session. Previous meetings can be accessed using Comm7 TV Video on Demand

Current Agenda

Tuesday, October 4, 2022 - Official Agenda

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Full Agenda Packet
(agenda plus all supporting documents)

Individual Supporting documents
Ag Release Beehive
Agreement Rainbow Gas Co
Appointment Letter
ARPA Projects Tracking as of 9.29.22
BCS Resolution
Beehive SIA
Board of Viewers Report
Board of Viewers Report
BOCC Letter 8/25/22
CCC Contract Extension
Cert of Completion
Conflict List of Officers
Conflict Stmt -Val Weber
Contract Change Order #2
County Water District of Billings Heights Board Minutes August
County Water District of Billings Heights Board Minutes July
County Water District of Billings Heights Board Minutes June
County Water District of Billings Heights Board Minutes May
Desig of Depository MCEP
DUI Minutes Agenda Bylaws Code of Ethics
Falcon Heights Park QCD
Final Resolution for Zone Change 713
FY23 State Budget Filing
IRS Announcement
Lockwood Growth Policy Map
MACo Health Care Trust Vision Rates 2023
MFPE Update Email
Montana Rescue Mission
NEOGOV Agreement
Package Proposal from Yellowstone County 8/22/22
Request for Funds MCEP
Res #22-81 Travel Per Diem Rates
Res 22-53 Expanding RSID 868M West King Comm.
Res 22-54 Expanding RSID 790M West King Comm.
Resolution 22-80 to Rescind Stage I Fire Restrictions
Resolution 22-91
Resolution 22082 to Set Public Hearing for Abandonment
Resolution 2283 to Set the Public Hearing for Abandonment
Resolution Establishing Yellowstone County PACE Program
Resolution for Prosecutorial Assistance
Resolution to Create RSID 880M Brey Subdivision Dry Hydrant
Response to Audit Findings - September 22, 2022
Signature Cert Form MCEP
Spreadsheet and Step Grid
Yellowstone County MFPE Proposal 8/24/22
Yellowstone County MFPE Proposal Email
Yellowstone County Proposal Email

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