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The Yellowstone County Weed District has an interest in assisting landowners, subdivisions, landowner groups, and small acreage owners with the cost of applying herbicides or and biocontrol to control noxious weeds in Yellowstone County. To that end, the Yellowstone County Weed District is offering a Herbicide/Biocontrol Cost Share Program (the Program) in which 50% of herbicide or biocontrol cost to landowners who participate in the Program (with a total cap of $500.00) will be shared by the Weed District. The terms and conditions of this program are as follows;

  1. The Program applies only to noxious weeds that are listed on Yellowstone County and the State of Montana's noxious weed list.See attached list.
  2. There is a reimbursement cap of up to, but not exceeding, $1000.00 per applicant/landowner per year, regardless of the control method used (year beginning and ending July 1st).
  3. The Cost Share Program implemented by the Yellowstone County Weed District only covers the cost of the herbicide or biocontrol. It does not cover the cost of herbicide additives, equipment rentals, contracted application costs or any other costs/expenses associated with biocontrol application or this program. The Landowner and the Weed District agree to develop a mutually acceptable noxious weed management plan prior to the implementation of the Program.
  4. Landowner must provide noxious weed application records and a receipt of the herbicide or biocontrol purchased, to the Yellowstone County Weed District Office after treatment has been made.


  1. Complete application and return it to the Yellowstone County Weed District Office.
  2. Application will be reviewed by the Weed Department Superintendent/Representative.
  3. Funding will be on a first-come, first-served basis, determined by the date of application. The level of funding will vary from year-to-year depending on the annual budget, however reimbursement shall not exceed 50% of the cost of herbicide or biocontrol, up to the cap of $1000.00 per participant. As a condition of participating in the Program, Landowner hereby consents to entry upon land identified in Landowner's application by a Yellowstone County Weed District Representative for the purpose of inspection and compliance. Inspection may occur before, during or after treatment.
  4. In the case of herbicide applications, purchase the necessary herbicide and spray your weeds using the proper equipment and safety measures. Carefully follow the herbicide label recommendations and use proper spraying practices to ensure safety to you and the environment. PLEASE NOTE: Landowner, including Landowner's agents, employees or contractors who participate in the Program, is strictly liable in the event that a misapplication of herbicide or biocontrol is made and is deemed harmful to the environment or surrounding area. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE HERBICIDE LABEL AS WELL AS PRECAUTIONS, IF ANY, WHEN APPLYING BIOCONTROL TO YOUR ACERAGE.
  5. Submit a cost reimbursement claim sheet to the Yellowstone County Weed District Office along with copies of the receipts of the herbicides or biocontrol purchased and your application records of the noxious weeds that were treated.


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