Yellowstone County, Montana
Clerk & Recorder
Fees Charged Contact Department
  • Fees for recording documents are $8.00 per page for standard documents.

  • For non-standard document fees, see the Standards and Fee Schedule document.

  • UCC lien filing is $7.00

  • Construction Lien filing is $5.00

  • Filing fees for Subdivision Plats, Certificates of Surveys and Amended Certificates of Surveys are $25.00 plus $0.50 for each lot in the subdivision up to and including 100, then $0.25 per lot for each lot in excess of 100.

  • Copies of documents are $0.50 for the first page plus $0.25 for each successive page of the same document.

  • Certified copies of recorded documents are $2.00 certification fee plus copy fees.

  • Certified Birth Records are $8.00 (available to immediate family only).

  • Certified Copies of Death Certificates are $7.00 each.

  • Informational copies of Death Certificates over 30 years old are available for $1.00.