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Q:  If I have documents to serve on an inmate at YCDF, who do I contact and where do I send the paperwork?
A: All inmate service requests are processed through the YCSO Civil Division. Please contact us for assistance at 406-256-2959 or by email at SOCivil@yellowstonecountymt.gov.

Q:  Where do you find the names of bondsman?
A:  View List of Bondsmen

Q:  When is Court held and where?
A:  City court is held at the Detention Facility Video Courtroom on Monday through Friday, starting at 8:30 am. The public is allowed to go up to City Court, located on the 2nd floor of City Hall.

Justice Court is held Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the Detention Facility in the Video Courtroom. The public that wishes to attend must go to the Yellowstone County Courthouse located at 3rd Avenue and N. 27th. Arraignments begin at 3:00pm.

District Court is held Monday through Friday at the Detention Facility Video Courtroom. The public that wishes to attend must go to the Yellowstone County Courthouse located at 3rd Avenue and N. 27th.

Q:  When is an inmate going to be transported?
A:  This information is confidential and will not be released.

Q:  What items may be brought or sent in to an inmate?
A:  Money Orders, Cashiers Checks are recommended, prescription glasses. Letters may be mailed. Personal checks and medications are not accepted.

Q: How can I fund an inmate Commissary Account?
A: Funding an Inmate Commissary Account can be by done online by visiting https://deposits.jailatm.com or in person by using the JailAtm Kiosk in the Detention Facility Lobby.

Q: How can I fund an inmate communications account?
A:Funding an Inmate Communications Account can be done by visiting www.ncic.com or calling 1-800-943-2189. Friends and families of inmates can set up an account to receive phone calls, and participate in video visits and messaging.

Q:  When can I pick up property being released?
A:  Released property can be picked up at the Booking Window, during busy days expect delays

Q:  Can you pass this message back to inmate_________?
A:  No messages are passed to inmates unless they are verifiable emergencies. Ex: death in the family, emergency surgery.

Q:   Where do I pay the fine or post the bond?
A:   Fines and Bonds are taken care of at the courts in which the offense took place during regular business hours. After hours a fine or bond may be taken care of at the Detention Facility. To inquire about a bond, call Facility Booking at 406-256-6881

Q:  When will an inmate be classified?
A:  Most inmates are classified within 24-48 hours of incarceration.

Q:   Can we have our minister come in to see a certain inmate?
A:   All ministers must be prior approved by the Facility Chaplain before they are allowed inside the secure perimeter to see inmates and inmates must request a minister to visit them family members are not allowed to make such appointments for inmates.

Q:  What Services are available for inmates?
A:   View Services

Q:   How do I send a letter into an inmate?
A:   View How To Mail a Letter to a Inmate