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The GIS Department maintains a mapped inventory of address points and road lines that supports dispatch operations in the 9-1-1 Center and at the Sheriff's Office. The Address Coordinator reviews road names and assigns addresses for areas outside the cities of Billings and Laurel. There is no fee, and documentation of your legal physical address will be provided for your records. Also, reflective address numbers can be made available free of charge upon your request.

It is important to establish your address with the GIS Department to ensure that your property is included in the enhanced 9-1-1 map system and database. If you receive a new address from another source such as a Post Office, a developer, or a utility company, it may be in conflict with the physical address in the GIS database which could result in a delay if public safety personnel are called.

You can request or verify an address over the phone at (406) 256-2773 or by visiting Room 305 of the County Courthouse.

Addressing Procedure

Road Names and Road Name Changes


The GIS Department is also involved in the review process for new subdivisions to check that proposed new road names are unique and that roads are named where necessary. Standards for road naming have been adopted that meet the requirements of computerized address-location systems and improve the capability for emergency responders on the ground to quickly travel to the site of an incident.

One scenario that can be challenging is when there are multiple residence and/or businesses accessed by an unnamed road, particularly when there are branching driveways, random placement of structures, and no house numbers posted. Naming these unnamed access roads can greatly improve locatability. A petition process for naming unnamed roads or changing a non-conforming road name is available and can be coordinated through the GIS Department.

The following links will provide copies of Road Naming Standards and information about the petition process. Also, there is a current list of road names in use in the County to assist developers or other persons in selecting a new, unique road name. The Address Coordinator can assist with questions about any of these topics, (406) 256-2773.

Download these documents for complete instructions and a Petition to Name/Change Road Name. Documents are in Adobe (.pdf) format. You may print these documents to fill out, but you may not alter any existing information in any way.

Road Naming Standards

Petition to Name/Change Road Name

Road Name List