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Rush Skeletonweed
(Chondrilla juncea)

Sunflower family - Asteraceae


Rush Skeletonweed

Photo from Weeds of the West, revised edition.

Rush Skeletonweed Rosetta

Rush Skeletonweed Root

Rush Skeletonweed Stem

Rush Skeletonweed Bloom 2

Rush Skeletonweed Bloom 2

Rush Skeletonweed Seed

Photos from Montana Weed Control Association


Growth Habit: Herbaceous perennial.

Leaves: Lance-shaped, deeply lobed, 2-5 inches long.

Stem: One or more, 20-60 inches long with multiple spreading or ascending light green branches, smooth except for the lowermost 2-3 inches, which are densely covered with stiff, downward-directed hairs.

Flower: Terminate flower-heads individually or in groups of 2-3. Each flower head contains 10-12 bright yellow florets. Flowers are self-fertile.

Roots: Taproot.

Seeds: About 3mm long, pale to dark brown and vertically ribbed with scales & tooth-like projections at the tufted end.

Reproduction: Seeds, root cuttings, rosettes from the root crown.

Habitat: Open, waste areas with disturbed soils, along roadsides and in unimproved pastures.

Biological Controls: Skeletonweed gall midge (Cystiphora schmidti), Skeletonweed gall mite (Eriophyes chondrillae), Rush skeletonweed rust (Puccinia chondrillina).

Herbicides: None used in Yellowstone County at this time.

Produced by Wyoming Weed & Pest Council in cooperation with Sandoz Crop Protection Corp.


Video Supplied By Ravalli County Weed District