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Field Bindweed
(Convolvulus arvensis L.)

Field Bindweed
Photo by Tom Whitson, Roy Reichenbach

Produced by Wyoming Weed & Pest Council in cooperation with Sandoz Crop Protection Corp.

Field Bindweed Toxic

Field Bindweed Stem

Field Bindweed Leaf

Field Bindweed Bloom 1

Field Bindweed Bloom 2

Field Bindweed Dormant

Photos from Montana Weed Control Association

Toxicity: Horses.

Growth Habit: Perennial vine, reproducing from seeds and roots.

Leaves: Alternate, simple, arrowhead-shaped, rounded or blunt tipped.

Stem: Prostrate, twining and mat-forming, up to 10 ft. long.

Flower: Funnel-shaped, pale pink to white, up to 1 in. wide; two small scale-like bracts attached below flower on flower stem.

Roots: Creeping rhizomes, extensive

Seeds: Four per capsule, dark gray to reddish brown, three sided.

Reproduction: Seeds viable over 60 years. Often confused with wild buckwheat which has heart-shaped sharp pointed leaves and tiny inconspicuous flowers.

Biological Controls: Bindweed moth, Bindweed gall mite.

Herbicides: Tordon & 24D, Banvel & 24D.

Video Supplied By Montana Weed Control Association