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Yellow Toadflax
(Linaira vularis)


Yellow Toadflax

Photo from Weeds of the West, revised ed.

Yellow Toadflax Toxic

Yellow Toadflax Rosetta

Yellow Toadflax Stem

Yellow Toadflax Leaf

Yellow Toadflax Bloom

Yellow Toadflax Seed

Toxcity: Toxic. Suspected to be toxic to some animals if large quantities are ingested.

Growth Habit: Perennial, often over 3 ft. tall.

Leaves: Long and narrow, numerous, pale green, smooth and pointed, attached directly to the stem.

Stem: Smooth, erect and sometimes branched.

Flower: Snapdragon type, 1 to 1 ½ inches long with spur, bright yellow with deep orange center.

Roots: Woody, vigorous, well branched with many laterals.

Seeds: Round, ½ inch in diameter, dark brown to black with a papery circular wing.

Reproduction: Reproduces by seed and underground rootstocks.

Habitat: Yellow Toadflax is an aggressive invader of rangelands, displacing desirable grasses. It can also be found along roadsides, waste areas, and cultivated fields.

Biological Control:

Herbicide: Tordon


Video Supplied By Ravalli County Weed District