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Tamarisk [Saltceder]
(Tamarix spp.)



Photo from Weeds of the West, revised edition.

Saltceder Branch 1

Saltceder Branch 2

Saltceder leaves

Saltceder Bloom 1

Saltceder Bloom 2

Saltceder Seed

Growth Habit: Deciduous or evergreen shrub, 5 to 20 feet tall.\

Leaves: Leaves are small and scale-like on highly - branched slender stems.

Stem: slender stems, bark on saplings and stems is a reddish brown.

Flower: Flowers are pink to white, 5 petaled. Flowers are born in finger-like clusters on terminal and lateral branches.

Roots: Deep fibrous taproots.

Seeds: Produces hundreds of thousands of seeds per plant.

Reproduction: By Seed

Habitat: Found predominantly along waterway and riparian areas.

Biological Control: Mealy bug ( Trabutinga mannipara), Leaf Beetle ( Diorhabda elongate)

Herbicide: Cut Stump Method - Remedy + Bark Oil, or Arsenal, or Glyphosate
Basil Bark Method - Remedy + Bark Oil

Video Supplied By Montana Weed Control Association