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Meadow Hawkweed Complex
(Hieracium pratense, H. floribundum, H. piloselloides)


Meadow Hawkweed Complex

Photo by Tom Whitson, Roy Reichenbach

Produced by Wyoming Weed & Pest Council in cooperation with Sandoz Crop Protection Corp.

Meadow Hawkweed Complex 1

Meadow Hawkweed Complex 2

Meadow Hawkweed Complex 3

Meadow Hawkweed Complex 4

Meadow Hawkweed Complex 5

Meadow Hawkweed Complex 6

Photos from Montana Weed Control Association

Growth Habit: Orange Hawkweed and three yellow-petaled invasive, reproducing by seed, rhizomes, stolons, and adventitious root buds.

Leaves: Basal rosettes have hairy, narrow, spatula-shaped leaves that are dark green to light green.

Stem: rosette can produce 10 to 25 flowering stems that can grow up to 3 feet tall. The stems are covered with short stiff hairs.

Flower: five to 30 bright yellow dandelion - like flowers.

Roots: rhizomes, stolons, and adventitious root buds.


Reproduction: reproduce by seeds, stolons, rhizomes, and adventitious root buds.

Habitat: pastures and rangelands

Biological Controls: