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Hoary Alyssum
(Berteroa incana)

Hoary Alyssum

Photo from Weeds of Nebraska and the Great Plains

Hoary Alyssum Toxic

Hoary Alyssum Rosetta

Hoary Alyssum Stem

Hoary Alyssum Leaf

Hoary Alyssum Bloom

Hoary Alyssum Patch

Toxicity: Horses, even when cured in hay.

Growth Habit: Annual forb that grows 1 to 2.6 feet in height.

Leaves: Alternate; blades simple, oblanceolate to occasionally elliptic, tip sharply pointed to blunt or rounded, margins entire, grayish-green, stellate (star-shaped) pubescence.

Stem: Stiffly erect, usually branching above, grayish-green, stellate (star shaped) pubescence)

Flower: White, petals 4, deeply divided, short filaments flanked on each side by a short semicircular gland; sepals 4, equal ascending.

Roots: Taproot

Seeds: Round to oblong, narrowly winged, grayish-brown, and rough

Reproduction: Seeds

Habitat: Hoary Alyssum can be found in pastures, small grain fields, roadsides, & waste areas.

Biological Control:

Herbicide: 2,4-D

Caution: Hoary Alyssum is toxic to horses.