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Flowering Rush
(Butomus umbellatus)

Flowering Rush Aquatic

Flowering Rush Root

Flowering Rush lEAF

Flowering Rush Stem

Flowering Rush Bloom

Flowering Rush Mature


Growth Habit: A perennial, emergent aquatic herb that grows to a height of 1 meter.

Leaves: Leaves grow upwards from the rhizome at the base of the plant on opposite sides of the stem. Leaves are approximately 1 meter long and approximately 1 cm wide. They have smooth edges are triangular in cross section. Veins run parallel to the edge of the leaf. The ends of the leaves are twisted.

Stem: Stem is leafless, and grows taller than the leaves to over a height of 1 meter.

Flower: Flowering occurs throughout the summer but high water can hinder or prevent flowering. The flower is made up of 3 petals and 3 sepals. Flower color ranges from deep pink to white and the sepals occasionally have a slight green tinge.

Roots: Thick, creeping rhizome.

Seeds: Seeds are dark brown beaked fruits.

Reproduction: Reproduces mainly by rhizomes and seeds. Seeds are long lived thus enabling its ability to disperse.

Habitat: Riparian Areas or areas with shallow or slow-moving water.

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