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Tall Buttercup
(Ranunculus acris L.)

Tall Buttercup

Photo from Weeds of the West, revised edition.

Tall Buttercup is Toxic

Tall Buttercup Rosetta

Tall Buttercup Stem

Tall Buttercup Leaf

Tall Buttercup Bloom

Tall Buttercup Infestation

Photos from Montana Weed Control Association

Toxicity: Toxic. Livestock when grazed (but not toxic when cured in hay).

Growth Habit: Hairy perennial reaching 3 feet in height

Leaves: Lower leaves 3 to 5 - lobed, deeply cut, upper leaves reduced and consisting of 3 to 4 narrow segments

Stem: 3 feet in height, stems are much branched above.

Flower: Yellow flowers, 1 inch or more in diameter.

Roots: Course fiborous root.

Seeds: ¼ inch or slightly longer with smooth border, stout curved beak, and generally a spiny surface.

Reproduction: By seed.

Habitat: Occurs in meadows and pastures.

Biological Controls:

Herbicide: Tordon + 2.4-D, or Milestone

Video Supplied By Montana Weed Control Association