Yellowstone County, Montana
Junk Vehicle / Code Enforcement
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Yellowstone County Code Enforcement is a complaint-based response program. Complaints concerning potential violations are received in our office and an officer is assigned to investigate and determine compliance or noncompliance with the zoning code or Community Decay ordinance. Each case is processed in a timely manner as possible. Properties in violation are generally allowed a minimum of 30 days to achieve compliance. To report a complaint, please call our general office number 406-652-2050 or email to report a complaint.


Before - Hickory

Yellowstone County has adopted two major regulations that help maintain the integrity of county communities and town sites. The Unified Zoning code jurisdiction includes an area within 4 ½ miles of the Billings city limits. This area has regulations concerning land uses, building setbacks, storage and parking of vehicles and general property maintenance. In addition, the County adopted a Community Decay ordinance that applies to the maintenance of nuisance conditions on any part of a property that can be seen from a public right of way, including the long term storage of inoperable or junk vehicles, vacant or abandoned buildings or the accumulation of salvaged materials and debris.

After - Hickory

Both the Unified Zoning code and the Community Decay ordinance are enforced to help preserve the quality of life in both the urban and rural areas of Yellowstone County. The zoning code provides for separation of incompatible land uses (industrial plants next to residential areas) and separation of buildings to enhance safety. This code applies primarily to areas close into the Billings city limits. The Community Decay ordinance is to help protect rural communities and town sites from conditions of blight caused by abandoned homes, accumulations of debris, salvage or junk vehicles that may affect the public health or create a nuisance within a community or neighborhood. These types of property conditions can directly affect the neighborhood by lowering property values, attracting vermin and disease vectors such as rats, feral animals and mosquitoes as well as contributing to the decline of other property. This ordinance specifically exempts agricultural activities as required by state statute including but not limited to feed lots and ranching.

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