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Please choose one type of criteria to search by, and enter at least 3 letters in the box. You may search by name (last name) or street name or city or tier level (see list below for level descriptions). For Non-Compliant, enter "1". To view the entire list, select "Entire List" from the menu and leave the text box blank.

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LEVEL 1 - The risk of a repeat sexual offense is low (enter "1" in the search form);

LEVEL 2 - The risk of a repeat sexual offense is moderate (enter "2" in the search form);

LEVEL 3 - The risk of a repeat sexual offense is high, there is a threat to public safety, and the evaluator believes that the offender is a sexually violent predator.(enter "3" in the search form)

N = NONE Violent offenders are not given a tier level designation. (enter "N" in the search form)

* = A tier level designation has not been given - sex offenders who were sentenced prior to the enactment of tier levels in 1997 will not have a tier level designation. Sex offenders convicted federally or in another state will not have a tier level designation. Use an asterisk (*) to search for this designation.

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