Tuesday August 1, 2023


          ALL PRESENT:  Commissioner Ostlund, Chair; Commissioners Morse and Jones; Board Clerk Teri Reitz.


          MINUTES – July 25, 2023. Commissioner Morse made a MOTION to approve the Minutes, Commissioner Jones seconded. Passed Unanimous.

9:30 a.m. PRESENTATION – Swearing In Ceremony of New County Treasurer – Marci Shafer.

9:30 a.m. BID OPENING – Bid Opening for the Courthouse Parking Lot

Vendor Name

Bid Bond

Base Bid

Askin Construction LLC



Earth Movers Excavation, Inc.



Weave Construction



K2 Civil, Inc.




Commissioner Morse made a MOTION to refer the bids to staff for recommendation, Commissioner Jones seconded. Passed Unanimous.

PUBLIC COMMENTS ON REGULAR, CONSENT AND FILED AGENDA ITEMS - Hearing no comments Commissioner Ostlund continued the Board Meeting. 

          FINANCE – A.)  Notice of Public Hearing to Consider the Final Budget for FY23-24, Setting FY24 County Mill Levies, Budget Amendments for FY23 and Grant Budget Amendments for FY23 & FY24 Setting the Public Hearings for Tuesday August 29, 2023, and Tuesday September 5, 2023, at 9:30a.m. in room 3108. Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to set the public hearings, Commissioner Morse seconded. Passed Unanimous.  B.)  Final FY23 Budget Amendments Due to FY23 Activity. Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to approve FY23 budget amendments due to FY23 activity, Commissioner Morse seconded. Passed Unanimous.

CLAIMS – Batches 23-214, 23-215, 24-007, 24-008. Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to approve the Claims, Commissioner Morse seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

CONSENT AGENDA – 1.  COMMISSIONERS – A.)  Organizational Chart – Update.  B.)  AG Opinion Requested.  C.)  Board Openings – Updated List.  2.  FINANCE – A.) Request to Reject Audit Service Proposals Received on June 6, 2023, and Reissue a Request for Proposals.  B.)  Intercap Loan Agreement and Documents for the Lockwood TEDD Old Hardin Road Sidewalk Phase II Project.  C.)  MetraPark Contract with VIP Services for 2023 MontanaFair Cleaning.  D.)  Finance Department Request for Proposals for Audit Services.  E.)  MetraPark Contract with CMS/Starplex to Provide MontanaFair Cleaning.  3.  PUBLIC WORKS – A.)  MCEP Start Up Documents.  B.)  MOA with MDT for Maintenance of Signage Safety Improvements.  4.  SHERIFF – A.)  Sheriff Request to Dispose of Outdated Radio Equipment.  B.)  Agreement between YCDF and Billings Public Schools Adult Education Center for Period 7/1/23 through 6/30/24.  5.  HUMAN RESOURCES – A.)  MFPE Sheriff Deputies 2023 Montana Fair Stipend.  B.)  Benefit Program Application.  C.)  Nationwide Life Insurance Company.  D.) PERSONNEL ACTION REPORTS – District Court – 1 Appointment, 1 Salary & Other; County Attorney – 1 Appointment, 1 Termination; Sheriff’s Office – 1 Termination.

          FILE ITEMS – 1.  AUDITOR – Payroll Audit July 1 to July 15, 2023.  2.  CLERK AND RECORDER – A.)  Board Minutes – Yellowstone County Zoning Commission, City/County Planning Board.  B.)  Bill of Sale and Purchase Agreement for the Girl Scouts of Montana Building at MetraPark.  3.  FINANCE – A.)  ARPA – SLFRF Compliance Report for Q2 2023 (April-June 2023).  B.)  MetraPark Contract with E&JK Services for Armored Car Services for MontanaFair 2023.  4.  HUMAN RESOURCES – July 1 – July 15 Payroll Audit.  5.  TREASURER – Treasurer’s Disbursements and Checks for June 2023. Commissioner Morse made a MOTION to approve the Consent Agenda and place the File Items to file, Commissioner Jones seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

          PUBLIC COMMENTS ON COUNTY BUSINESS – Hearing no comments Commissioner Ostlund adjourned the meeting at 9:43 a.m.

APPROVE                                             ATTEST