Tuesday February 14, 2023


          ALL PRESENT:  Commissioner Morse, Chair Pro-Tem; Commissioner Jones; Board Clerk Teri Reitz; Clerk and Recorder Jeff Martin.


          MINUTES – December 13, 2022, December 20, 2022, December 27, 2022, January 3, 2023, January 10, 2023.  Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to approve the Minutes, Commissioner Morse seconded.  Passed Unanimous.

          9:30 a.m. BID OPENING – A.)  Open and Acknowledge Proposals for MetraPark Campus Alcohol Catering.  No bids were received alcohol vendors.  B.)  Bid Opening for Public Works Asphalt Overlay Project II – Road 5 North and Road 8 North.

                                                LUMP SUM

Riverside Contracting, Inc.              $1,094,254.00

Knife River – Billings                      $   966,780.00

Commissioner Jones made a MOTION refer the bids to staff for recommendation, Commissioner Morse seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

          9:30 a.m. PUBLIC HEARING – Resolution 23-19 Creating RSID 884M for the Maintenance of Portions of Central Avenue and Homewood Park Drive.  Mr. Mike Black, Senior Civil Engineer gave some background.  Mr. Black also noted that one letter of protest was received.  Commissioner Morse opened the Public Hearing.  Ms. Jacey Fortier spoke in opposition of being included in the boundary of the RSID because she does not use Homewood Park Drive or Central Avenue.  Ms. Fortier stated she uses South Homewood Park Drive to access her property.  Hearing no other comments Commissioner Morse closed the Public Hearing.  Mr. Black stated that the Commissioners could leave her property in the proposed district or take it out.  If it is taken out the assessment amount could be changed.  Mr. Black also noted that if the Commissioners take her out of the proposed district and if they need to expand district later to add the property in, they can.  Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to approve Resolution 23-19 excluding parcel D00162; TR4A, Commissioner Morse seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

          PUBLIC COMMENTS ON REGULAR, CONSENT AND FILED AGENDA ITEMS - Mr. Kevin Bryan, OMB stated that a list of approved alcohol vendors with the appropriate insurance will be made and will be available to clients renting the buildings at MetraPark.  Hearing no other comments Commissioner Morse continued the Board Meeting.

          METRAPARK – A.)  Upcoming Events.  Mr. Cody Reitz, Interim Assistant General Manager stated that Monster Trucks are going to be Saturday February 18, 2023.  The MATE Show is coming up.  Basketball season tournaments will be held during the next couple of months.  The Home Improvement Show is the first of March.  B.)  Montana Fair.  Mr. Tim Goodridge, Interim General Manager stated that an outdoor arena will not be completed this year.  Mr. Goodridge stated that they are hoping that an outdoor arena may be completed by 2024 fair.  Mr. Goodridge noted that there have discussions regarding the rodeo during MontanaFair, whether it will be held for 2 days or 3 days.  The Fair Committee is moving forward, and Mr. Bill Dutcher has been appointed to the committee.  

          CLAIMS – Batches 23-111, 23-112, 23-113, 23-114 and 23-115.  Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to approve the Claims, Commissioner Morse seconded.  Passed Unanimous.

          CONSENT AGENDA – 1.  COMMISSIONERS – A.)  Support Letter – Homeland Security Grant.  B.)  Updated Policy Advisory Committee.  2.  EMERGENCY AND GENERAL SERVICES – Yellowstone County AED Policy.  3.  FINANCE – A.)  iSolved TimeForce HCM Time and Attendance Subscription Renewal 2023.  B.)  Contract with Tel-Net Systems for Repairs to the BOCC Discussion Area Audio-Visual System.  C.)  MetraPark Recommendation of Award for Small Forklift.  D.)  MetraPark ARPA Infrastructure Lower Lot & Access Road Rejuvenation Project Recommendation of Award to Askin Construction.  E.)  Annual Resolution 23-17 to Set Daily Rate for Inmates at the Detention Facility.  F.)  Invitation for Bid for Pre-Demolition of the Former Sheriff’s Office Building.  G.)  Policy 23-18 Purchasing Policies & Procedures.  H.)  Resolution #23-21 to Create RSID #889M The Highlands Ranch Subdivision – Dry Hydrant.  4.  METRAPARK – A.)  AXS Amendment to the AXS Ticketing Services Agreement.  B.)  MetraPark AMR Contract.  5.)  PUBLIC WORKS – A.)  Recommendation, Bid Award, and Contract with Hardrives for the 2023 Yellowstone County Roads Crack Seal Project.  B.)  Resolution 23-20 Establishing a Portion of Homewood Park Drive as a Public Road.  6.)  HUMAN RESOURCES – PERSONNEL ACTION REPORTS – IT – 1 Termination; County Attorney – 1 Termination.

          FILE ITEMS – 1.  AUDITOR – Payroll Audit January 16th to January 31st, 2023.  2.  CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT – Disbursements and Checks for January 2023.  3.  FINANCE – A.)  Budget Transfer-Auditing Storage.  B.)  Detailed Cash Investment Report – January 2023.  4.  HUMAN RESOURCES - January 16 – January 31 Payroll Audit.  5.  PUBLIC WORKS – License Agreement with DNRC for Rip Rap in the Yellowstone River.  Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to approve the Consent Agenda and place the File Items to file, Commissioner Morse seconded.  Passed Unanimous.

          PUBLIC COMMENTS ON COUNTY BUSINESS – Hearing no comments Commissioner Morse adjourned the meeting at 9:54 a.m.

APPROVE                                             ATTEST