Tuesday January 31, 2023


          ALL PRESENT:  Commissioner Ostlund, Chair; Commissioner Jones, Commissioner Morse was absent.  Board Clerk Teri Reitz; Clerk


          9:30 a.m. BID OPENING – Bid Opening for the Construction of the Lower Lot & Expo Lot Construction Project.

                             Base Bid                  Bid Alternate            Confirmation of Receipt

                                                                                      Of Addendum                   

Askin Construction    $3,600,551.35          $99,433.00              Yes

Knife River               $3,820,754.80          $96,560.00              Yes

Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to refer the bids to staff, Commissioner Ostlund seconded.  Passed Unanimous.

          9:30 a.m. PUBLIC HEARING – Public Hearing for the Construction of Low-Income Rental Housing – South Forty Apartments.  Ms. Kassy Buss gave a brief presentation on the construction of low-income rental housing – South Forty Apartments.  Commissioner Ostlund opened the public Hearing.  Hearing no comments Commissioner Ostlund closed the Public Hearing.  No action is required. 

          9:30 a.m. ZONE CHANGE PUBLIC HEARING – Land Use Contrary to Zone (LUCZ) No. 2 – MetraPark Lower Parking Lot – Re-build of Parking Area without Installation of Landscaping. Ms. Nicole Cromwell, Zoning Coordinator stated MetraPark intends to rehabilitate these parking lots to include new paving, storm drainage and lighting.  The project does not include installation of the required parking lot or street frontage landscaping.  All parking lots and developments with street frontage require landscaping.  The property is located in a Public 3 – Civic Campus (P3) zone district at 308 6th Avenue North.  A project that replaces an existing development is normally required to comply with site development standards for landscaping.  This is in code Section 27-1100 (Proportionate Compliance), Section 27-1500 (Nonconformities) and 27-200 (Landscaping) of the Yellowstone County Zoning Regulations adopted in December 202.  The MetraPark redevelopment of these lots will provide better pavement and drainage.  The exterior of the MetraPark facility will not be affected.  The Planning staff recommends the Commission to conduct a public hearing and receive public comment on the MetraPark landscaping plan contrary to local zoning regulations.  No additional action is required of the BOCC once the hearing is held.  Commissioner Ostlund opened the Public Hearing.  Hearing no comments Commissioner Ostlund closed the Public Hearing.  No action is required for this agenda item.   

          PUBLIC COMMENTS ON REGULAR, CONSENT AND FILED AGENDA ITEMS – Hearing no comments Commissioner Ostlund continued the Board Meeting. 

          CLAIMS – Batches 23-103, 23-104, 23-105, 23-106 and 23-107.  Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to approve the Claims, Commissioner Ostlund seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

          CONSENT AGENDA – 1.  CLERK AND RECORDER – Stone Creek Subdivision, S.I.A and Acceptance of the Dry Hydrant Easement.  2.  COMMISSIONERS – A.)  Board Openings, Updated List.  B.)  Board Appointment – Kurt Markegard to Big Sky EDA.  C.)  Letter to Treasurer’s Office.  3.  FINANCE – A.)  Sheriff’s Office Contract with TW Clark for Storage Building Repair.  B.)  MetraPark Contract with TW Clark for Concessions Remodel.  C.)  Res 23-08 Creating RSID 885M Southern Sky Estates Subdivision – Road.  D.)  Resolution 23-09 Creating RSID 886M Southern Sky Estates Subdivision – Dry Hydrant.  E.)  Resolution 23-10 Creating RSID 887M Stone Creek Subdivision, Phase 1 – Road.  F.)  Resolution 23-11 Creating RSID 888M Stone Creek Subdivision, Phase 1 – Dry Hydrant.  G.)  Disposition of Assets – Miscellaneous Old Computer Equipment.  4.  JUSTICE COURT – Justice System Inc Master Agreement for Collection Module.  5.  METAPARK – Starplex Rate Increase.  6.  PLANNING DEPARTMENT – Grand Avenue and 62nd Street West System Change.  7.  PUBLIC WORKS – A.)  IFB for Public Works Asphalt Overlay Project II.  B.)  Request for Speed Zone Study on HWY 416 from Midland Rd to Aqui Esta Dr.  C.)  Resolution 23-12 Abandoning Portions of 82nd Street West and Rosebud Drive.  8.  SHERIFF – A.)  Renewal of Existing Contract Between YCSO and Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter (YVAS).  B.)  Montana Dental Services, PC Contract for Dental Services at YCDF 2/1/23 – 1/31/24.  9.  TREASURER – Treasurer’s Disbursements and Checks for December 2022.  10.  HUMAN RESOURCES – A.)  Finance and Budget Director Position Classification Review.  B.)  PERSONNEL ACTION REPORTDetention Facility – 2 Appointments, 1 Transfer; Justice Court – 2 Appointments; MetraPark – 1 Termination.

            FILE ITEMS – 1.  AUDITOR – Payroll Audit January 1 to January 15, 2023.  2.  COMMISSIONERS – A.)  DEQ – Notice of Violation.  B.)  Public Comment – HD50 Appointment.  3.  FINANCE – A.)  Public Works Weed Dept Contract with TW Clark +Ridley for Door Replacement.  B.)  DUI Task Force Agenda, Meeting Minutes and Revised Bylaws. 4.  HUMAN RESOURCES – January 1 – January 15 Payroll Audit.  Commissioner Jones made a MOTION to approve the Consent Agenda and place the File Items to file, Commissioner Ostlund seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

          PUBLIC COMMENTS ON COUNTY BUSINESS – Hearing no comments Commissioner Ostlund adjourned the meeting at 9:41 a.m.

APPROVE                                             ATTEST