Tuesday December 29, 2020


          ALL PRESENT:  Commissioner Pitman, Chair, Commissioner Jones and Ostlund; Board Clerk Teri Reitz.


          MINUTES – December 22, 2020.  Commissioner Ostlund made a MOTION to approve the Minutes, Commissioner Jones seconded.  Passed Unanimous.

          9:30 a.m. PRESENTATION – Swearing in Ceremony – Re-Elected Officials.

          9:30 a.m. BID OPENING – Open and Acknowledge Request for Proposals for Small Animal Building for the Sheriff’s Office.  One bid was received from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter and it was opened and acknowledged.  Commissioner Ostlund made a MOTION to refer the bids to staff for recommendation, Commissioner Jones seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

          PUBLIC COMMENTS ON CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS – Hearing no comments Commissioner Pitman continued the Board Meeting. 

          CLAIMS – Batches 21-121, 21-122, 21-123, 21-124 and 21-125.  Commissioner Ostlund made a MOTION to approve the Claims, Commissioner Jones seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

          CONSENT AGENDA – 1.  COMMISSIONERS – A.)  Board Openings – Area II Agency on Aging; Board of Adjustment; City/County Planning Districts 3, 4 and 6; Blue Creek Fire Service Area; Fuego Fire Service Area; Huntley Project Fire Service Area; Laurel Fire District #7; Laurel Urban Fire Service Area; Billings Urban Fire Service Area Advisory Board; Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District Advisory Board; Park Board.  B.)  Thank You Letter to Brent Cromley for 22 Years Served as the County Representative on the Board of Health.  C.)  Term Limit Thank You Letter – Robin Rude Regarding Big Sky Economic Development Authority Board.  2.  FINANCE – A.)  MetraPark Contract with Safetech, Inc. for Barn #9 & Barn #11 Abatement Services.  B.)  Parks Department Contract with Billings Flying Service for Excess Asphalt Millings Located in Zimmerman Park.  C.)  I.T. Geographic Informational Systems Request to Expend for Computer Replacement.  D.)  Updated Contract between Darla Tyler-McSherry and DUI Task Force, with Approved Contract Increase.  E.)  2021 Yellowstone County Travel & Per Diem Rates – Resolution 21-02.  F.)  The Sheriff’s Office is Requesting Commissioner Approval to Release a Request for Proposals for Mental Health Services for the Yellowstone County Detention Facility.  G.)  Sheriff’s Office New Smartphone for Detective Division.  3.  PUBLIC WORKS – Request Letter from Yellowstone County to MDT for Speed Zone Study on King Ave West near 64th Street West.  4.  HUMAN RESOURCES – PERSONNEL ACTION REPORTS – Sheriff’s Office – 9 Salary & Other, 1 Termination; Detention Facility – 5 Salary & Other, 2 Terminations; Motor Vehicle – 1 Termination; MetraPark – 1 Termination; Youth Services Center – 2 Terminations; County Attorney – 1 Appointment, 1 Termination; Facilities – 1 Termination.

          FILE ITEMS – 1.  AUDITOR – Payroll Audit December 1st to December 15th, 2020.  .2 COMMISSIONERS – A.)  Public Notice for Tract 2 Site, Open-Cut Mine Site.  B.)  Letter from G5, LLC, Mr. Todd Gainan, Requesting the Extension of a Reciprocal Parking Agreement.  3.  COUNTY ATTORNEY – Release of All Claims.  4.  FINANCE – Transfer for CIP Truck Purchase.  5.  HUMAN RESOURCES – Response to December 1st through December 15th Payroll Audit.  6.  PUBLIC WORKS – Snowplowing Contract with Overtime Enterprises for RSID 688 – Eagle Bend of the Yellowstone Subdivision.  7.  SHERIFF – Yellowstone County Detention Facility Mental Health Contractors Letters of Resignation.  Commissioner Ostlund made a MOTION to approve the Consent Agenda and place the File Items to file, Commissioner Jones seconded.  Passed Unanimous. 

          PUBLIC COMMENTS ON COUNTY BUSINESS – Hearing no comments Commissioner Pitman adjourned the meeting at 9:35 a.m.

APPROVE                                             ATTEST